How to Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stumps in the backyard oftentimes stand null because of the difficulty posed when removing them. It’s certainly not simple, though stump removal is possible. There’s several ways to remove a stump from your property and reclaim your space. The best method for removal of the stump varies, with things like the size of the stump and its location influencing the best of the options.

Common Stump Removal Techniques

Manual stump removal is suitable for smaller-sized stumps. A heavy steel bar and a bow saw are the necessary tools for stump removal. You also need a pair of gloves, an ax, and boots to protect the feet and toes. The stump is removed when soil is loosened and the mattock is used to chop the roots. Clear the dirt, chop until you reach the taproot, and start cutting. Once loosened, the stump can be removed and the ground flattened again.

Chemical Stump Removal

Chemical stump removal is a secondary option available. The chemicals break down the natural processes of the stump and deplete the rooting process. While this is a fairly simple stump removal technique, it is important to learn the proper steps to ensure safety. Several chemical treatments are necessary to produce the expected results.

Stump Removal

Grinding the stump is another way to get rid of a stump in the lawn. Stump removal machines are available to help with this task. The machine grinds the stump to the depth of the root. The machines are available for rental if you do not own one yourself.

Call a Professional

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The easiest way to remove stumps out of the yard is through professional tree removal services raleigh. Costs to hire a professional are reasonable, especially considering the amount of relief they provide to you. Why get your hands dirty when the pros are there to help?