Quick Fixes You Can Do Yourself

Refrigerators are used in every home in Corpus Christi. They’re a reliable appliance that we need to keep our food cold and safe to consume. However, there are many problems that can interfere with the workmanship of that appliance. Although it might be necessary to call a professional to schedule a refrigeration repair corpus christi tx there are also many issues that you can repair yourself. Leaks are one of the most common problems you will sustain.

Water Filter Leak

Does your refrigerator use a water filter? If so, this may very well cause you a considerable amount of grief. The filter can become damaged for any number of reasons and when it does, a leak usually results. If you find that puddles of water fill beside the refrigerator on a regular basis, it is probably safe to say that your filter needs replacing. This is an easy job that doesn’t require an expert, however, so on the bright side of things, you can get the work completed for a reasonable price.


Blocked Defrost Drain

The defrost drain on the refrigerator collects condensation from the water that runs from the freezer refrigeration lines through the coils into the drain pan. The water that collects inside the pan is designed to evaporate before it cycles another defrost session in the refrigerator but sometimes this doesn’t happen and the result is a clogged drain. A clogged drain forces the water back up into the freezer and oftentimes, down into the frigid. The drain could have a clog that’s been caused by food particles stuck inside, so a fix may be as simple as clearing these particles out of the drain by flushing hot water through it and swabbing it clear with a small brush.